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Guest Art, Tori A. Rielly (Mar 2, 2022)

This week's beautiful guest illustration comes from Tori A. Rielly, creator of the webcomic Waxfellow! You can find Tori at any of their links on the right, or read Waxfellow on Webtoon or Tapas.

"Alma's arm just keeps melting... but that's one of the less-weird things going on in deep-space town Danicus, where secrets are plenty, meal replacement juice is the hot thing, and the Mayor talks a lot about the speculative physics of space whales. Alma has a keen interest in exploring the outskirts of Danicus and learning the strangely unkept history of The Aldier, the long-range ship that carried their ancestors into the stars. Instead of a quiet time filled with old journals and logs, they stumble into a century-old game of hide and seek full of dangerous players and impossible-sounding magic."

By the way!!! I'm running the Kickstarter campaign for Spire Eaton's webcomic RECOIL: BOOK 1!! If you haven't read the webcomic yet, then you really should; it's got a lot of similar elements to Inhibit but is much darker and has absolutely gorgeous art. The book is available for preorder on Kickstarter but is also available on the Quindrie Press website if you would rather order it elsewhere. Yesterday was Spire's birthday, so if nothing else at least give the comic a read and fall in love with this comic the same way I did.

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