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Guest Art: Mary Safro (Nov 14, 2020)

Today's guest illustration comes from Mary Safro, co-creator of the webcomic Drugs & Wires!

"Drugs & Wires is the story of Dan, pissy misanthrope and recovering VR junkie, now condemned to a dead-end job delivering sketchy packages in a post-Soviet urban hellhole, and of Lin, a cybernetics installer who treats concepts like “anesthesia” and “disinfectant” as annoying inconveniences, and likes to soundtrack life-altering surgeries with Cannibal Corpse."

Mary also runs the 90's aesthetic brand Hello Void, and has an online shop you can check out here!

Guest art will be posted every Saturday and Wednesday until November 14th. Chapter 8 begins on November 18th, but is already being posted on Patreon, where you can read a month ahead for just $1 a month!

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