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Chapter 6: pg 23 (Nov 27, 2019)

Welcome to the new site!

It looks exactly the same, doesn't it? It ported over perfectly.

This is a potentially temporary move, while I work out what's best for the future of the site and see how the comic settles into its new home here on Comicfury. As of next week, updates will be continuing on this site and no new pages will be posted on the Smackjeeves site. I'm really sorry about this; you can read a little bit about why I'm making this change under last week's page.

To any new readers here on Comicfury: hello! Hope you like the comic! You can keep up to date with Inhibit by following my Twitter or Tumblr for update notifications. If you already have an account on Comicfury, you can subscribe to Inhibit by following this link!

I'm still in the process of 100% setting up the new site and transferring everything over. Things should be good to go by next week, but in the meantime there may be some jankiness with the Disqus comments and some of the URLs. If you find any broken links or missing pages, please let me know!! If you have any other questions about the move, please reach out to me!! You can either comment on the old site, here when the comments are up, or tweet at me/send me an ask on Tumblr.


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